Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voted today

yeah buddy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Is it time?

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up King and Parli'ment.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's providence he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Beautifully done. My hat is off to Ken Schoolland for a wonderful video.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Let Freedom Ring


Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Does anyone else see past the end of their nose? The market rebounded big yesterday. The biggest one day gain ever. Was this the effect of the government bailout? Hell no it wasn't. This was the market running its course without government aid or manipulation. The rise yesterday is being proclaimed a "dead cat bounce" by those who speculate in the market.

This morning, Bush and Paulson made their speeches. The market opened up and has been dropping ever since. I am sure that the government is taking credit for the huge gain yesterday even though their plan had not yet been put into action, and that they will use the current plunge after their speeches for justification for their involvement. It is the Golden Rule..."He who has the Gold makes the rules."

One flaw with that. The government doesn't have any Gold. The government doesn't have any money. They only have the potential for money through taxation of its people. This is where we failed. We gave it up to them, the ability to rule using our money for enforcement.

The saying "Only two sure things, death and taxes", irks the hell out of me. When did we become such defeated people? In this country, the only sure things should be "life and liberty".

Be good to one another,
Rev Biggus

Monday, October 13, 2008

Give them just enough

The market started coming back today without intervention from the Gov. I can imagine the conversation.

"We need to give them something or else they will take it all." "Well I am not giving up mine." "What do we do?" "I don't care but we need to maintain the status quo!!" "Bernanke, fire up the presses!!!" "Oh wait, it is fixing itself without our help....quick, get a press conference together so that we can claim responsibility."

Just to let you know...the status quo is a fancy way of saying more of the same. We had an opportunity to make a change on the heels of this crash but we didn't take it. Who knows if the crash is over...this could be the calm before the storm.

Here is a funny way of looking at the numbers. The market fell 41%, roughly, over the last year. People lost 41% of their retirements or savings. The citizens of the U.S. are taxed so much for everything we do that we lose roughly 41% of our current worth. We work until June every year before we get to keep any of the money we earn.

And we are relieved that the status quo is maintained. It reminds me of the boiling the frog story. If the citizens lose 41% of their worth quickly, we panic, but if the government takes it from us slowly throughout the year via payroll deductions, taxing every stage of production, sales taxes, property taxes, etc, we sit back and accept it.

I don't get it. Think about how much better off we would be if we could keep that 41%. Last year the citizens of this country donated 295 billion dollars to charity. The government collected 249 billion dollars from individuals in taxes. Add this up and you get over half a trillion dollars that can be used for charity. If we didn't let the government tax everything to death that amount would go even further. Remove a majority of the abusers of the system and the corrupt actions of those who manage that money and you have yourself quite a nice system that would benefit those who truly deserve it and not foster the perpetual welfare state we have now.

I don't have all the answers but at least I am thinking about it. Do your own due diligence and think about this subject. Welfare is not bad...we should help our fellow man, our community, our families, but when an entity takes free will away from an idividual something is wrong. I have never questioned the need for charity; I have questioned the means by which this money has been procured.

Free will...if you are religious, a God given gift. If you are not religious, the perk of being an autonomous, sentient being. Either way you look at it we are having ours stifled.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Friday, October 10, 2008

This is so exciting

What a wild ride we are on. I am a people watcher by nature. I like to think that I am somewhat of an expert in the matter. I have been reading a lot of what people are writing about the financial crisis and I am seeing a trend.

People do not know anything about economics. Some know a little bit but most are totally oblivious. My big issue is that people argue economics as if that subject is absolute. This is a case of utter ignorance. Our current economic policy was not contrived by studying the subject of economics. The subject of economics came to be from the lessons learned throughout the centuries from various decisions on money.

I see and hear many comments out there in the world that we have to save the current system because the subject of economics says so. The fact is that the subject of economics tells us how to get along in the current system. The current system doesn't work so maybe we should change systems.

Many opposing views state that other systems cannot work even though this so called analysis is being done using the knowledge of the current subject of economics. Huge fallacy. Of course another system cannot work when the current rules are applied to it. These rules came to be from the experiences of the current economy. A new system would have to develop a new subject of economics.

Call it a cart before the horse or a chicken before the egg, or whatever you wish. We are blind because this is all we know. I always hate when this next phrase is used but now is the perfect time...we have to think outside the box.

Be good to one another, because pretty soon that is all we are going to have,
Rev. Biggus

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bend Over Everybody

October 8, 2008 9:54 am EST

Atlanta, GA – “So far this year, the federal government has spent or loaned nearly $2 trillion to bailout Wall Street, the housing industry, automakers, commercial banks and others,” notes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president. “But that’s par for the course for Washington, which already has run up a national debt of nearly $10 trillion and planned a pre-bailout deficit of a half trillion dollars for 2009. What Washington knows best is how to waste money,” says Barr.

“In yesterday’s debate, Sen. John McCain, who likes to pose as the taxpayer’s friend, came up with yet another bailout idea. He wants the government to use $300 billion—which it doesn’t have—to buy up bad mortgages in order to prop up housing prices. Yet, it was the artificial inflation of housing prices that got us into this mess in the first place,” Barr explains.

“Moreover, Congress already has approved a $300 billion housing bailout measure supported by Sen. McCain. On top of that, Congress agreed to another $200 billion or more to bail-out the housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then there is the recent $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, which Sen. McCain voted for," notes Barr.

"Where does Sen. McCain believe all of this money is going to come from?” Barr asks.
“When do Americans, who have been responsible with their money—that is, who haven’t bought too much house and didn’t think the good times would never end—get a break?

Sen. McCain, Sen. Barack Obama and the other members of Congress who have supported one bailout after another have turned fiscal responsibility into a sucker’s game. It is time for someone to speak up for those who play by the rules and pay the nation’s bills,” Barr adds.

“There’s no meaningful difference between the two major parties,” notes Barr. “The American people need and deserve real change.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Readdress the candidates more fairly

In my earlier post I failed to mention all the candidates. In the name of fairness I figured I would add the ones I am missing.

Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander for the Socialist

Charles Jay and Tom Knapp for the Boston Tea Party

Thomas R. Stevens and Alden Link for the Objectivist

Gloria LaRiva and Eugene Puryear for Socialism and Liberation

Roger Calero and Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers

Alan Keyes and Wiley Drake as Independent

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Monday, October 6, 2008

The lesser of two evils

We have been duped by those we entrust with our representation. The media and the "two party system" have kept its constituents in the dark. Did you all know that there are more than 2 candidates running for president.

A majority of the people in this country can not tell you who is running for president. Almost everyone could name the Democratic candidate, Obama, and the Republican candidate, McCain. Some may get Nader as an independent. But most people couldn't tell you the others.

Bob Barr is running for the Libertarian party. McKinney is running for the Green party (btw, she is black and a woman if you base your candidates qualifications on those criteria). Baldwin is the Constitution party candidate.

I firmly believe that those in this country who are voting for Obama because they don't like McCain, and vice versa, are doing this country a huge disservice. A lot of my republican and democrat friends...strike that, all of my republican and some democrat friends say that voting for a third party is throwing away your vote. One of the major parties is going to win so you should vote for the one who is the lesser of two evils.

I have a different opinion. I say the only wasted vote is the one cast for the wrong reason. The only agenda should be what is best for this country (based on your beliefs); the “lesser of two evils” argument is not sound, nor is the “what’s in it for me” argument. If you wholly believe that the person for whom you are voting is the best thing for this country, then cast away and I salute you.

Everyone cries for change...not from the last 8 years, but from the way things are run in Washington DC. Voting for the lesser of two evils keeps the same government in place. Keep in mind that both evils, which is lesser is moot, voted for the bailout. Both agreed to spend money the government did not have. Both agreed to ruin your childrens' future. If everyone who votes with the philosophy of the lesser of two evils decides to vote for a third party in 2008 we will get change.

I have not voted for the two major parties for a long time. I do not regret for one second my decisions.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why can't people get it?

The perceptions of the people have been bought and paid for with things. People actually accept the way things are as the way things have to be.

The economic crisis was avoidable. The current state of our country was avoidable. The loss of our liberty was avoidable. Our enslavement was avoidable. We gave it all up voluntarily.

Why couldn't the people of the "greatest country on the planet" see what was happening? I don't know. Were they blinded by all the stuff they got? Something had to be the problem. Mathematically the monetary system cannot work yet it was allowed to grow to an unmanageable level based on faith in a the dollar. The calculations prove that it cannot work yet we allowed it to happen. The illusion of worth is more important than actual value.

Our government is showing its loyalties with the new rescue plan. 700 billion dollars, a figure not based on any quatifiable data, is being supplemented with 150 billion for pet projects in order for it to gain support in the legislative branch. "For the good of America" is BS....it is for the good of the status quo. The status quo is bad so why would we want to keep everything the same?

The only outcome for our economy is disaster as we are basing our economy on credit, or more accurately, nothing real. We are doomed.

Be good to one another,
Rev Biggus

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cannot work forever

The economy. Destined to fail. Mathematically it cannot work. Every economic decision is made to stave off the failure. We have reached the end of the game but we don't want to admit it.

Think about it. How can something with no intrinsic value maintain its worth? The world is a dynamic place.

Let's put it into perspective. Which is more valuable, oxygen or money? Food or money? Shelter or money? Sure, money can buy each one of those, but what happens when people stop accepting your money for those goods? Your money is worthless. This predicament is where every fiat economy is destined to end up.

Banks can lend out 9 times the money they have on hand or their reserve. Interest that can be collected on those loaned notes can be added to their reserve, which means they can loan more, which means they get more interest, which means their reserve is more, which means they can lend more, which means....

You get it I hope. Follow the extreme of that logic. Eventually, via mathematics, we see that the amount of money (that doesn't exist) is limitless. With a limitless supply of money, the money becomes worthless.

Don't believe me? Look at every fiat economy in history. The problem is that we cannot see the trees for the forest. The scale is so grand that the layman cannot grasp it. That is where the exploitation comes in. Those with money need to keep those without wanting it so that the value is maintained. This manufactured value cannot stand the test of time.

A big problem is that people look at it from the perspective of "what my money is worth". Look at it from the opposite view...what is my dollar not worth?. When the constitution was written, an ounce of gold was equivalent to $20. It remained that way until we went off the gold standard. Now look at the cost of gold. Go ahead, I will wait. Your $20 is now worth about 2% of what it was. In less than a century, our money has devalued to 2% of what it once was.

If we bailout the banks, all we do is postpone the inevitable. If the bailout goes through, then all we can do is wait for the next time. I say lets hit the reset button.

Be good to one another,
Rev Biggus

Friday, September 26, 2008

The bailout

We reap what we sow....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Op-ed piece

Take a few to read this post in the New York Times.


This cracks me up. The guy is telling us that we are finally doing good in Iraq. "Bush finally got one right". The odd part is that the mistake of us being there in the first place is being overlooked.

It hurts my heart that we have forgotten what has happened just years ago. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to relive it. We have learned nothing.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus



Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Monday, June 23, 2008

That was quick

I think my experiment is over. That was fast. After two days my posts and the ones around me, like the stripper one are no longer receiving views. Instant gratification?

The results were interesting. I received two negative responses, two positive responses, and one that just stated "interesting". In the course of these posts, I was called pretentious and self indulgent. As a matter of point, both negative comments resorted to name calling in their replies; the first lines in the negative replies contained the insult. I found that interesting.

The positive replies provided no argument or basis for their beliefs so it is hard to guage them. The negative responses were totally different. One did not even address the point of the post and the other provided flawed logic and fallacy for the argument. Interesting.

The level of interaction on the post involving drugs received the least amount of activity and posts (one shallow post posing no argument for or against the subject). The gun control and political post both garnered one positive and one negative post. This pattern of responses totally blew my hypothesis out of the water.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Experiment

I am running an experiment. I posted three varied posts from this blog onto a website catering to what I guess is the "younger crowd". What I want to see is how serious issues fare against the norm for this hypothetical demographic. The posts can be viewed at


Interesting so far. A post with the title "9 reasons not to date a stripper" has more views and a higher star rating than any of my posts, at this time. The stripper post had been up for 5 hours while my three posts have been up for 2 hours. I will be interested in seeing how this turns out.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Friday, June 20, 2008


Today, I am making it a point to be happy. That's right. I have to make an effort to be happy. You do too, believe it or not.

Happiness is not the normal level of human emotion. You have to feel happy. Look at the range of emotions as a continuum of numbers, infinite in both directions. At the middle is zero where you are neither happy nor sad...you just are. At any given time your emotional state is at some point on that continuum. Did I mention you cannot reach zero? I guess I cannot say that with certainty, so I will put it another way. Reaching zero on the emotional scale is like reaching absolute zero on the temperature scale. You may be able to get within a billionth of a degree of zero, but you just can't get there. Why? I speculate that you cannot survive at zero as you would be neither happy nor sad and therefore not exist. Email me if you want to get further into this part of the conversation.

Removing all the negative stress, problems, irritants, etc does not rocket you from negative 10 to positive 10. Each side of zero is its own entity and you exist on both sides at all times independent of your other emotional self. Removing all the negative things in your life would only get you closer to zero. Same with the happy side.

Now are you confused? First I say you are somewhere on a continuum, then I say you are on two planes at once. No I did not. I said that you are on the continuum, while your happy emotional state is stuck on the happy side and the sad emotional state is on the sad side. Getting the picture yet? You can only experience one side at a time but you are on each side at all times. What you are feeling is dependant on your current stimulus.

Let's bring this back to the addiction post I made the other day. Say for instance your day to day existence makes you sad. To escape from that, you fill a vein with cocaine. You just shot up your happy side to incredible levels, but that cocaine did not bring the sad side any closer to zero. When that cocaine wears off the sad side will still be waiting.

I personally try to keep my sad side as close to zero as possible and my happy side as far away as possible. I am not always successful. Lately I am rarely successful as Mrs. Biggus will tell you. The key is that I recognize how the system works and I take the appropriate steps to fix it. Sometimes the fixes are medicinal (under the guidance of a doctor) and sometimes they are sheer will power. Today, I use will power and I am winning.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Thursday, June 19, 2008


A valid feeling

Be good to one another,


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super High Me

Super High Me, the movie, just came out. It is a take on Super Size Me...the all enlightening epiphany that fast food is bad for you. Thank God I got that information in time, I tell you what. The premise of the movie is that comedian Doug Benson smokes pot for 30 days to see the effects. Not seeing the movie yet, I cannot comment on the scientific efficacy of the experiment, but I can comment on my particular expertise, the perception of this movie.

If this was an attempt to establish validity to the thought that marijuana should be legalized, they just set the movement back 10 years. It matters not how much "expert" data and opinion they collected, nor does their intention matter. They developed and marketed the movie as, 1: a spoof on an existing platform, and 2: a Cheech and Chong movie.

Those two variables have solidified the positions of the audience. Pot smokers will like it and pot haters will hate it. Obviously this movie was marketed for the pot smoker...guess what guys, we don't need to convince them to make pot legal. Just thought you should know. We need to convince the other side.

There are two major arguments that need to be made before there will be a general acceptance of the doobie similar to the acceptance of alcohol. The first argument and possibly the most powerful is that marijuana is a gateway drug. If you look at the literal meaning of that statement you can see that the argument is unsound. Yes, marijuana is probably the first illegal drug that an individual tries, and that individual MAY move on to "harder drugs". Dig a little deeper and you will find that most kids first taste of the reality altering substances comes right out of a parent's (their own or thier friends) liquor cabinet. Hell, nowadays parents are cramming the gateway drugs down their children's throats at ages as young as 4 years old...xanax, ritalin, and whatever other cocktail their doctors prescribe to compensate for poor parenting. No wonder why kids today cannot handle the harshness of reality; they never had to experience it before.

Notice how I used the term illegal drug in the above paragraph. This is the second argument. If everything that is illegal is bad, then their would be no need for argument because everything would be illegal. I digress. The argument is that the government made pot illegal because it is bad. Well, many points in the Patriot Act were illegal before it was passed, so if they were bad then why are they considered good now? That makes no sense. It is like saying torturing a human being is wrong unless we really want the information. Things do not go from bad to good in a society as a society is a group of people with the same beliefs. The government's logic only applies to the arguments they want it to.

The truth is that pot remains illegal because the government has not found a way to regulate it to get their share. Did you know that it is illegal for companies to claim a right to a natural occuring element with in nature? Take silver for example. Silver is possibly one of the greatest natural antibiotics on the planet. This has been known for a very long time. So much so that legends are made out of it...silver bullets kill the virus that makes a man turn into a werewolf. Since silver occurs naturally, pharmaceutical companies cannot claim a money making patent on it so it is given a bad rap.

Regulating pot hits the same wall. It is a natural occuring plant that requires no refinement for use therefore it cannot be regulated or patented. You may as well make it illegal to grow your own garden as it would fall into the same logic.

But Rev. Biggus, if we legalize pot the country will degrade into a cesspool of degenerates. Obviously the people making this comment do not read this blog regularly. Pot is like a gun...it is a tool to achieve an objective, just like a hammer or alcohol. The reason that pot is viewed as a gateway drug is because it is the most readily available on the street and it is pretty cheap compared to others so it is usually the first illegal drug tried. It is a matter of opportunity; your medicine cabinet is in contention for this #1 spot.

Something about band aids and sucking chest wounds comes to mind. Don't look at it like pot made my kid smoke it; you should be looking at it from the angle of why did my kid smoke pot? Here comes the personal experience. The Reverend use to be an addict. I have first hand knowledge of how these things work. Why did I start using reality altering substances? Because something was missing in my life. Where did it start? In my dads fridge and liquor cabinet. Am I still an addict? I don't know, I crave the physical feeling that cocaine/heroin/meth gave me every day (it is pretty kick ass but a totally different subject) but do not have the desire for the substance. Do you indulge? No, because I now have that thing that was missing and I no longer have a void to fill? Do I know what that thing is? Still don't but I can assume that it has something to do with the love in my family. The void is going to be different in every person.

The drug is not the problem here. The problem is the void kids and adults alike are using the drugs to fill. They will try to fill the void with anything they can, not only drugs. Get to the root of the problem. I found mine by accident. Most others will not. For that, I am the luckiest man on the planet.

Would I like to smoke a doobie right now? Yes, for the exact same reason I would like to have a pint of Guinness. I like them. Would it make me move to harder drugs again. No, as I have no voids to fill and I am not trying to escape my reality.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally heard back

It came yesterday. The reply from the Attorney General. It was nothing short of what I expected. Here is the response.

Dear Mr. XXXXXX:
Thank you for your recent email regarding your concerns about comments made on an Internet blog. The Attorney General's Office is not in a position to respond to comments related to an Auditor General's report written about the Department of Economic Security.
If you have questions about the report or you want to read the report in it's entirety - you can access it on the Auditor General's Web site at
http://www.auditorgen.state.az.us/. It is posted under reports of state agencies and it was released in November 2007.
If you have questions about Arizona law, we regret that we are unable to help you. The Attorney General's Office represents the state of Arizona and cannot act as a private attorney for individual citizens. This means that we cannot provide legal advice, opinions, or interpret Arizona law for individuals.
The Arizona Bar Association (866.482.9227 or
www.azbar.org) or Community Legal Services (602.258.3434) can assist you in finding an attorney, if you do not already have one.
Thank you again for contacting the Attorney General's Office.

Office of Constituent ServicesArizona Attorney General's Office
To stay ahead of the rapidly changing consumer scams and schemes, please visit our Web site at www.azag.gov, where you can sign up for late-breaking Scam Alerts from Attorney General Goddard.

So, the answer is "we will do nothing for you." They did not even provide me with the resource to follow up with the appropriate department. My formal complaint was discarded. But what is this? The FAQ from the AG's website (http://www.azag.gov/faq.html):

Where can I file a complaint against a public official I believe is guilty of misconduct?

For a referral to the proper agency, please contant The Attorney General's Office at:
602.542.5025 (Phoenix) 520.628.6504 (Tucson)800.352.8431 (toll free)

I believe that I just did that, didn't I? I can hire a lawyer at my expense for a fraud committed by government officials on the citizens of the state to whose Constitution they all swore to uphold. Does this make sense to you? It does not to me.

Here is what I need to do. I need to hire one of those lawyers that works on a percentage of settlement. This will have to be a class action suit and will have to be for the past 20 years or so. What lawyer would not want 33% of $200mil+?

Wait a minute...they passed a law on our behalf I am sure that makes this fleecing legal. I bet they even used the justification "in the best interest of the children".

Screw this! I don't even have the patience to be witty and develop the associations through multiple layers. Here is the issue:

Just because a congress passes a law does not mean the law is just. The supremacy clause still exists although it is disregarded by our current administrations in every level of government. Pull your heads out of your asses and get involved in your government. Don't just vote, become educated about the issues. We are screwing ourselves by letting our government do what they are doing on a daily basis. This goes beyond child support and extends into every issue the government deals with.

Our country's voted in representation are a bunch of professional politicians that have been groomed to take that position their whole life. They do not know what it is like to be us, the layman. Hillary, Barak and John state that "when" elected they will stay true to and make decisions based on what is best for the party. What about making decisions that are in the best interest of the people???? No matter how humble a beginning they had, their learnings changed them. It is a good ole boys club that perpetuates itself on the known stupidity and laziness of its constituents. They garner your vote by telling you what you want to hear...you are smart, you can make a difference, you are in danger so let us save you....BULLSHIT!!!! Here is what they mean....You are a sheep. Behave or else.

Only we can fix this but no one man can do it alone by "legal means". Fix this with your vote. Educate yourselves and make a difference. We live as slaves to fat cats who see themselves as above the law. Being represented means having one of your own work for you, not giving the position to a professional with the biggest warchest.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For the love of this country, read this book

I don't know if it is going to wake people up, but something has to change.

Here is a taste of what is in the book...we should be ashamed. Wait, strike that, I am not ashamed as I do my own due diligence.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anyone know where I can find a dead horse?

I believe I need oral surgery. I bit my tongue as I listened to the same old argument for gun control. Normally I do not bite my tongue but this was the owner of the company and I was not part of the conversation. The usual arguments were present: there is no need for semi-automatic weapons, no control promotes criminal behavior, blah, blah, blah. You heard them all before.

More band-aids on sucking chest wounds. Out of all the violent crimes committed in America, what is the only common factor. It is the criminal. Need some perspective? Did violent crime start with the invention of the firearm? No it did not. So logic would dictate that firearms cannot be a contributing factor to violent crimes. They are but a tool. Just as a knife is, just as a bomb is, just as a BFR is. Marines will remember this term from boot camp (it is a "big f&#*ing rock).

Gun control believers actually believe that taking the gun away from the criminal makes it less likely that a criminal will act maliciously. The fact is that the criminal is still part of the equation and will just find another tool. The only way to reduce crime is to remove the criminal from the equation. I am not saying more jails.

Jails are just criminal farms. The inmates in jail just learn how to be better criminals. I am saying that we need to never even let the criminal manifest itself. Oh wait, that would mean that the American citizen would have some sort of duty to raise the future generations to respect the culture of society. Given the fact that we are a selfish, lazy, greed driven society, we are screwed. Our society does not do well with responsibility.

Since the gun control sect wants to use unfounded arguments, let me throw a few out there myself.

An armed society is a polite society. Let's reduce this to a smaller scale. Put a criminal who for all intents and purposes is going to commit a crime against another human being into a room with two doors. Behind one door is a gun hating individual who feels it is the job of the police to protect him/her. Behind the other is a trained gun owner in possession of his/her firearm and willing to use it. Which door does the criminal choose?

A twist to that scenario...same doors but you don't tell the criminal which person is behind which door. Behind one door the criminal will get away with a dvd player, a beloved iPod, and a debit card. Behind the other he/she will be shot mid to upper thorax and survive to live a life of near quadraplegia, pain, and suffering; having to crap and pee in a bag for the rest of his/her life. What does the criminal do? ******** Right now, the criminal takes a chance because the latter outcome is not realistic in his/her experience. In an armed society where the latter outcome is the norm for criminals and the criminals know this, the decision would be quite different.

Guns are only a tool. Take it away and another tool will be used; whether that tool is a knife, stick, bomb, fist, or BFR is moot. The criminal will target those percevied to be weaker than themselves. Having any tool gives the criminal more targets to choose from. The only way to curb the violent crimes committed is to remove the common element....the human element...the criminal element.

Be good to one another (because I am behind one of those doors),
Rev. Biggus

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Slow day

Testing out the mobile blog.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Still Nothing

Guess what....still no response from the attorney general of the state of Arizona.

If a person went to his office and demanded an answer, he/she would be arrested. If a person withholds taxes until my redress was acted upon, he/she would be arrested. If a person decided to bypass the system and make child support payments directly to the other parent, he/she would be considered a dead beat and arrested.

That sounds like a similar process called extortion. If the government can't get their piece of the pie, you are punished. It is extortion.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Friday, May 23, 2008

You do not have the right to redress

The face of the Reverend has been spat upon by the state once again.

The following is a copy of the email I sent to the Attorney General of the state of AZ.:

Mr, Goddard, What is being done about this? I am referring to the comment made in the fourth paragraph of the article in the link I supplied. The state "absorbed" $11 million+ of monies that were supposed to be given to children for support purposes into the General Fund? Undistributed Funds are not the property of the state to be used at their leisure. That money belongs to the child by way of the Custodial Parent. If that money is not disbursed to the Custodial Parent then it should be returned to the rightful owner, the Non-custodial Parent. I would like to know how the state believes that it is entitled to that money and what the state does once the situation that made the funds "undistributable" is rectified.

This is outright theft. Not to mention it defrauds the tax payers. I would like to file a formal complaint as a tax payer and have charges filed on the offices involved. This administration has been stealing money from Non-custodial Parents...the same parents that are deemed criminals in the state's opinion the second they miss a payment. I call BS and want something done about it as I am sure that the statute of limitations has not run out after only two years.

A response is not optional. Please "reply to all" so that the media personnel that I have CC'd this to can see your response. The typical response, "for the best interest of the children" will not work this time, so don't even try it. Remember that you work for the people of this great state. Make this right.

I also sent this to the local TV stations. I have yet to hear anything.

The main argument in child support is anything in the best interest of the children. This argument is so powerful that it allows states to falsely accuse men of paternity and take their money even though there is no biological link proven by DNA tests. The same argument that the states cling to validate their witch hunts is the same argument that is being trampled by those states.

The states show that the child does not matter. All that matters is the money that states receive. The act of absorbing undistributed funds shows that the child doesn't matter, nor do the parents or family unit. The only thing that matters to this government is the money it can steal from its citizens.

Every NCP or CP with arrears should band together to file a class action lawsuit against this fraud perpatrated by our states.

Be good to one another (that means you too government),
Rev. Biggus

A coffee epiphany

I was sitting on the patio this morning with a cup of coffee when it hit me. I was asking myself why are we in this situation. The answer popped into my head as I dreamed of a better time when a person's rights mattered and the law was not just a willy nilly thing used to gain.

Here is my epiphany. The people of this country cannot handle freedom. There are not enough individuals in this country to make a truly free land feasible. The people of this land are followers incapable of individual thought. They do what the government tells them, they do what MTV tells them, they do whatever the newest reality show tells them.

I think worse than the lack of independant thought is the selfishness that abounds. A truly free nation requires common sense and respect to work. This country has none of this. We are doomed. Until the people of this country value this country as a whole more than their iPods and accept the sacrifices that come with it, we are screwed.

This epiphany saddens me deeply. Moreso than the loss of my nephew last year. That is saying a lot. We are doomed as a society.

We brought this upon ourselves. We treated corporate entities as individuals by giving them the same rights. The bill of rights was meant for the individual. A corporation does not have the right to free speech or the right against self incrimination. Corporations have a duty to conduct themselves in ethical and socially acceptable ways. These corporations driven by greed bastardized the law by setting precedence based on those individual rights.

The way the law works is that established fact will not be tried again which is why precedence is so important. We screwed that pooch.

It saddens me deeply,
Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Undistributed Funds are outright theft

I cannot believe that we stand by and let our government rape us like this. Outright theft is happening under the guise of "what's best for the children".

The title of this post is a link. Look for the article on KTAR reporting on undistributed funds. If it is not working, here is the website: http://laryholland.com/serendipity/rss.php?serendipity%5Btag%5D=child+support+enforcement.

Let me explain what is going on. Of all the undistributed funds in the state of Arizona (this is occuring in other states too) a portion is being "absorbed" into the states general fund. Do you understand what this means. The state is taking funds paid by non-custodial parents, withholding it from the deserving child, then taking that money and spending it on what ever they wish. This is theft.

Let me elaborate. This only affects those cases that are in arrears. If the custodial parents are receiving their funds, there is no undistributed funds for that child so all the undistributed funds have to be accounted for somewhere as general accounting practices apply. The only place this money can balance is the money from arrears. The state says they do not know where this money comes from or where it is supposed to go so it sits. Now I am not saying that every NCP is paying and it is just not being applied. There are NCP that cannot afford to pay.

The law states that the benefit of the doubt goes to the accused. In this case the accused is the NCP in arrears. If the CSE cannot determine where the money comes from or where it should go then the money should be applied evenly. It all comes back to arrears since the primary goal is "for the good of the children". The monies should be accumulated and divided evenly by the number of arrears cases there are. This is the equal share which should be disbursed following a whichever is less principle. The custodial parent should receive funds on behalf of the child equal to their fair share or the total amount of the arrears, whichever is less. The excess per case would then be distributed evenly among the remaining arrears cases. The funds disbursed from this program would then be subtracted from the arrears on each case.

"In the best interest of the children". Bullshit! In the best interest of the government entity is more like it. Over $600 million in undistributed funds sit in coffers annually. The government absorbing part if not all of that into their general funds for use on any issue they see fit. The part that they do not "absorb" still continues to collect interest as the financial gurus in the government know that stagnant money is useless. The states of this country are triple dipping at the expense of the non-custodial parents. The laws are ruining the lives of NCPs all over while the government reaps a benefit.

How do they triple dip? They receive money from the NCP which gains interest during the "processing" period plus their percentage (normally around 2%). They "absorb" undistributed funds for their own use. They also receive money from the federal government. Yessiree. For ever dollar that the state spends on child support enforcement, they receive two dollars from the federal government. In financial terms, child support enforcement is guaranteed 100% return annually. All this and the state of Arizona is still broke. How many of your states have to cut budgets even though they are receiving all this pork?

Talk about a fleecing of America. People are being imprisoned for the states piss poor performance.

Be anti-government by being good to one another.
Rev. Biggus

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Holy Crapola!!!!!!

I like to research my post even after I make it so that I can make an apology if I made a mistake. During my research, I found this site that goes hand in hand with my last post.

I will say this...it is worse than I thought.


You have got to check this out, then call your representative and tell them that they are fired and charges are being filed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pent up Rants

Where to begin? How about this country is insane? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. By this definition, citizens of this country are insane.

Our citizens, the ones patriots like me fight for everyday, are insane. You vote republican and things suck, you vote democrat and things suck, and in the next election you vote the same way expecting a different result. Insanity defined.

Of course there are those saying, Reverend Biggus, you always vote libertarian so you are insane with us. Ah...no I am not. I am not expecting a different outcome. I vote for what I believe in even knowing that things will not change and will continue to suck. You vote honestly believing that your candidate will make things better. Fools.

I never get my way, but I don't vote to get my way...I vote to get what is best for this country as a whole. I do not vote for what's best for special interest, or the illegal immigrants, or the african-american population, or the brown spotted squirrel, or unwed victim mothers, or my own best interest. What is good for this country will not be good per the perception of the majority of its citizens because it will create accountability.

Number two...
Economic stimulus checks. Band aid on a sucking chest wound. Use it to pay down bills and it does no good. Use it to pay off credit cards and it does no good. Save it and it does no good. The only way this will work is if you spend it. It will probably be on gas but that is another issue.

Here is my problem. The money used for this stimulus program comes from our taxes. There are man hours involved in collecting every dollar of taxes. Now they add man hours by giving that money back, which will be taxed by a different entity when it is spent. Business men they are not.

The cost of collecting that money (y) initially is x. The cost of giving that money back (y) is x so we are at 2x. The cost of collecting that tax money (y*tax% = z) after it is spent is x, which equals 3x overall. If the tax on respending that money is 8.1% then the following theory would hold true.

3x = z

Now if they would have just let us have the money in the first place, the equation would look more like this:


In other words, I give you this choice. You can pay me 5 dollars for this hamburger or you can pay me 15 dollars for the same hamburger. I believe there is a segment on one of the news shows "The Fleecing of America". This is the text version. Here is the real messed up part....both x and z are your money.

Where to next...

The Constitution, or should I say the raping of said document. Did you know that this country does not consider all men equal? By "men" I mean every man, woman, child with no regards to race, or color, or religion. Just the fact that I have to say that says a lot about our country.

Back to the topic at hand. Child support can be ordered on any person (usually a man) on the word of person. No perponderance of evidence, no beyond a reasonable doubt. Nothing but a word and a judge's signature. A man's life can be literally ruined by a vindictive ex. That is not the issue at hand so much as the means to order that support. If you owe, you should pay. How you are made to pay is the issue. Federal and state agencies have the authority to impose liens, offsets to monies owed, and restrict the livelihood of an NCP all without definitive proof. NCP (almost exclusively the father NCPs) are being denied the ability to earn a living, driving, travel, etc by the government without due process.

Some of the penalties for past due child support are revoking of professional licenses. If they can't work, how can they pay. Imprisonment...again, no worky, no money. Revoked drivers licence...see above. Liens on property...unconstitutional to deny someone the right to own property. Ineligible for passports...sometimes you have to travel for your job but who cares what you need.

Makes me sick that a bunch of disgruntled women were allowed to influence law makers this much. Here's a novel idea...get a friggin education and get a good job. Make your own way and have the support as extra in your life. Don't punish the men of this country because they ended up not being your idea of Prince Charming. Here's a novel idea....Keep your legs closed!!!!!!

Now let's bring these two areas of rant into one. Here is the wisdom of the government when it comes to child support.

In 2005, the federal office of child support enforcement was told that 40% its budget was going to be cut over the next 10 years. $16 billion was going to be pulled from its budget. The justification to keep that $16 billion (40% of their budget) was so that they could continue to collect $22 billion owed in child support (http://www.clasp.org/publications/backing_away_on_child_support.pdf).

WWWWWHAT???? You read it right. The government (federal, this doesn't include state governments) uses $36 billion dollars of your tax money to collect $22 billion in owed child support. Piss poor business sense right there. It is a $14 billion loss right off the bat. If the government picked up the tab for all that child support, they would still be able to give every family in this country a $120 "stimulus" check every year on their current budget. NCP's could have a life, CP would have their money, and the citizens of this country would have money in their pocket. Instead the government will continue this fleecing by adding additional fees to NCPs, of which some were not given due process. These additional fees drive the NCP further into debacle that is government intervention. They will never get out. They fund a service they do not use. The custodial parents should be charged this fee since they are the ones getting the benefit of the service.

Better yet, privatize the entire child support collection service. Imagine no tax liability to the citizens of this country at all...child support would be a civil issue. The economy would be stimulated by all the money moving around. A proactive pursuit of the non paying parents would be more effective by a company that makes its money from doing its job. There would not be any UDF...undistributed funds that just sit in the government doing nothing (http://www.acf.dhhs.gov/programs/cse/pubs/2005/reports/preliminary_report/table_9.html). The states that are not worried about the interest of the child...they are worried about losing the interest off the half a billion dollars in UDF.

The government says that for every federal dollar spent it collects four private dollars. This figure does not include the total budget of that office. I have proven that this is nothing more than punishment for a highly male populace initiated by a highly female group. Wait a second...one group targeting another...wouldn't that make the child support enforcement tactics a hate crime? That coupled with the fraud our government pulls with our tax monies makes it open to a RICO charge. But I digress. The only thing the government is proficient at doing is screwing up.

Now I am getting off topic so I think this is a good place to end.

We are no longer citizens of this country, we do not have freedom because we work four months out of the year to pay for this abomination of a government. Remember, theirs is always the first, you get what's left. Just because they let you have a little doesn't mean it is not slavery.

Keep this thought until next time: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Earning your money is so old fashioned

Remember that commercial that stated, "We make our money the old fashioned way, we earn it."? What happened to that philosophy?

Now you can't even try to do things the old fashioned way, meaning barter with out someone trying to scam you. I posted a good faith barter on craigslist for a couple of days now. Nothing but scammers in return. All I wanted to do was trade my item for someone else's item.

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

To the scammers, it takes intelligence to scam. You people obviously do not have any as your emails seem to be written by an idiot. Learn some diction and some of the local nuances of the area in which you are trying to scam. I guess the philosophy is cast a wide enough net and you eventually catch something.

Now you are sounding like a credit card company and their "pre qualified" status...I would be pissed if someone compared me to a credit card company.

Keep wasting your resources casting a wide net. You waste so much effort doing it. Put half that effort into a legitimate offering and you will make money hand over fist. I know this because the rest of the workforce in this country doesn't put that much effort forward. You will be able to surpass them in no time.

Be good to one another,
Rev Biggus

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stand by for more of the same

What is wrong with this country? There is a perfect opportunity to change things coming up this year and it is being squandered.

Here is what can be expected after the general election no matter which party is elected to office...

There will be dramatic talk about how we need to change.
There will be no action taken to create the aforementioned change.
There will be a tax payer funded bail out of the mortgage fiasco.
Social security will be raided every year.
Every bill voted on will consist of more pork than content.
Money will be printed by the mega-ton daily.
Illegal immigrants will continue to invade this country.
We will continue to be vulnerable against terrorism despite our dwindling rights.

Mark these words and check back in four years. I pray that I will be sadly mistaken and be required to eat a ton of crow.

The point that I am worried about the most is the mortgage bailout. Think about what we are doing with this. The companies that made all these loans are going to be given money by our government which comes from our tax dollars. This is being labeled as necessary to save our economy. Let me rephrase that into a more truthful statement...the bail out is necessary in order to maintain the status quo. What does this mean? It means the rich will still be rich and the working class will still be shit upon.

Oh if I could be a mortgage company...I would be living the dream. When you pay your loan like a responsible citizen, I take your money. When you default on your loan, I take your stuff, sell it and get my money. When I over extend myself and make poor, unsound business decisions, I take your stuff in the form of taxes and get my money. It is a win win win situation for me. There is no risk.

The only people who are losing are our citizens because we are allowing businesses to do this. We saw the same thing with the airlines, the auto manufacturers, the health care industry, etc. Hell, we see it with other countries and the world bank/IMF. How long are we going to continue to put band aids on sucking chest wounds?

The pending tax relief that everyone is looking forward to is just another band aid. But it is $1200 you say? It is the intention of the government that you do not save that money nor pay off existing bills. The only way this tax break will stimulate the economy is if you use it to buy more stuff you probably don't need. The government knows that this will happen because we as a society have become undisciplined money whores. We will all be in the same boat as before and when the next market that has its bottom fall out threatening to ruin our economy the cycle will start again.

Think of a stair case. You are on the top step...you move forward and fall to the next step. The fall is mayhem until you hit the next step and stop. The next step is another cycle of mayhem and a quick stop. No matter how many times you go through this cycle, you continue in the same direction.....Down. Eventually you have to reach the bottom.

The population of this country will do just as it is told and on top of that, thank the government for its handout.

Please, be good to one another.
Rev. Biggus