Friday, May 23, 2008

You do not have the right to redress

The face of the Reverend has been spat upon by the state once again.

The following is a copy of the email I sent to the Attorney General of the state of AZ.:

Mr, Goddard, What is being done about this? I am referring to the comment made in the fourth paragraph of the article in the link I supplied. The state "absorbed" $11 million+ of monies that were supposed to be given to children for support purposes into the General Fund? Undistributed Funds are not the property of the state to be used at their leisure. That money belongs to the child by way of the Custodial Parent. If that money is not disbursed to the Custodial Parent then it should be returned to the rightful owner, the Non-custodial Parent. I would like to know how the state believes that it is entitled to that money and what the state does once the situation that made the funds "undistributable" is rectified.

This is outright theft. Not to mention it defrauds the tax payers. I would like to file a formal complaint as a tax payer and have charges filed on the offices involved. This administration has been stealing money from Non-custodial Parents...the same parents that are deemed criminals in the state's opinion the second they miss a payment. I call BS and want something done about it as I am sure that the statute of limitations has not run out after only two years.

A response is not optional. Please "reply to all" so that the media personnel that I have CC'd this to can see your response. The typical response, "for the best interest of the children" will not work this time, so don't even try it. Remember that you work for the people of this great state. Make this right.

I also sent this to the local TV stations. I have yet to hear anything.

The main argument in child support is anything in the best interest of the children. This argument is so powerful that it allows states to falsely accuse men of paternity and take their money even though there is no biological link proven by DNA tests. The same argument that the states cling to validate their witch hunts is the same argument that is being trampled by those states.

The states show that the child does not matter. All that matters is the money that states receive. The act of absorbing undistributed funds shows that the child doesn't matter, nor do the parents or family unit. The only thing that matters to this government is the money it can steal from its citizens.

Every NCP or CP with arrears should band together to file a class action lawsuit against this fraud perpatrated by our states.

Be good to one another (that means you too government),
Rev. Biggus

A coffee epiphany

I was sitting on the patio this morning with a cup of coffee when it hit me. I was asking myself why are we in this situation. The answer popped into my head as I dreamed of a better time when a person's rights mattered and the law was not just a willy nilly thing used to gain.

Here is my epiphany. The people of this country cannot handle freedom. There are not enough individuals in this country to make a truly free land feasible. The people of this land are followers incapable of individual thought. They do what the government tells them, they do what MTV tells them, they do whatever the newest reality show tells them.

I think worse than the lack of independant thought is the selfishness that abounds. A truly free nation requires common sense and respect to work. This country has none of this. We are doomed. Until the people of this country value this country as a whole more than their iPods and accept the sacrifices that come with it, we are screwed.

This epiphany saddens me deeply. Moreso than the loss of my nephew last year. That is saying a lot. We are doomed as a society.

We brought this upon ourselves. We treated corporate entities as individuals by giving them the same rights. The bill of rights was meant for the individual. A corporation does not have the right to free speech or the right against self incrimination. Corporations have a duty to conduct themselves in ethical and socially acceptable ways. These corporations driven by greed bastardized the law by setting precedence based on those individual rights.

The way the law works is that established fact will not be tried again which is why precedence is so important. We screwed that pooch.

It saddens me deeply,
Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Undistributed Funds are outright theft

I cannot believe that we stand by and let our government rape us like this. Outright theft is happening under the guise of "what's best for the children".

The title of this post is a link. Look for the article on KTAR reporting on undistributed funds. If it is not working, here is the website:

Let me explain what is going on. Of all the undistributed funds in the state of Arizona (this is occuring in other states too) a portion is being "absorbed" into the states general fund. Do you understand what this means. The state is taking funds paid by non-custodial parents, withholding it from the deserving child, then taking that money and spending it on what ever they wish. This is theft.

Let me elaborate. This only affects those cases that are in arrears. If the custodial parents are receiving their funds, there is no undistributed funds for that child so all the undistributed funds have to be accounted for somewhere as general accounting practices apply. The only place this money can balance is the money from arrears. The state says they do not know where this money comes from or where it is supposed to go so it sits. Now I am not saying that every NCP is paying and it is just not being applied. There are NCP that cannot afford to pay.

The law states that the benefit of the doubt goes to the accused. In this case the accused is the NCP in arrears. If the CSE cannot determine where the money comes from or where it should go then the money should be applied evenly. It all comes back to arrears since the primary goal is "for the good of the children". The monies should be accumulated and divided evenly by the number of arrears cases there are. This is the equal share which should be disbursed following a whichever is less principle. The custodial parent should receive funds on behalf of the child equal to their fair share or the total amount of the arrears, whichever is less. The excess per case would then be distributed evenly among the remaining arrears cases. The funds disbursed from this program would then be subtracted from the arrears on each case.

"In the best interest of the children". Bullshit! In the best interest of the government entity is more like it. Over $600 million in undistributed funds sit in coffers annually. The government absorbing part if not all of that into their general funds for use on any issue they see fit. The part that they do not "absorb" still continues to collect interest as the financial gurus in the government know that stagnant money is useless. The states of this country are triple dipping at the expense of the non-custodial parents. The laws are ruining the lives of NCPs all over while the government reaps a benefit.

How do they triple dip? They receive money from the NCP which gains interest during the "processing" period plus their percentage (normally around 2%). They "absorb" undistributed funds for their own use. They also receive money from the federal government. Yessiree. For ever dollar that the state spends on child support enforcement, they receive two dollars from the federal government. In financial terms, child support enforcement is guaranteed 100% return annually. All this and the state of Arizona is still broke. How many of your states have to cut budgets even though they are receiving all this pork?

Talk about a fleecing of America. People are being imprisoned for the states piss poor performance.

Be anti-government by being good to one another.
Rev. Biggus

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Holy Crapola!!!!!!

I like to research my post even after I make it so that I can make an apology if I made a mistake. During my research, I found this site that goes hand in hand with my last post.

I will say is worse than I thought.

You have got to check this out, then call your representative and tell them that they are fired and charges are being filed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pent up Rants

Where to begin? How about this country is insane? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. By this definition, citizens of this country are insane.

Our citizens, the ones patriots like me fight for everyday, are insane. You vote republican and things suck, you vote democrat and things suck, and in the next election you vote the same way expecting a different result. Insanity defined.

Of course there are those saying, Reverend Biggus, you always vote libertarian so you are insane with us. I am not. I am not expecting a different outcome. I vote for what I believe in even knowing that things will not change and will continue to suck. You vote honestly believing that your candidate will make things better. Fools.

I never get my way, but I don't vote to get my way...I vote to get what is best for this country as a whole. I do not vote for what's best for special interest, or the illegal immigrants, or the african-american population, or the brown spotted squirrel, or unwed victim mothers, or my own best interest. What is good for this country will not be good per the perception of the majority of its citizens because it will create accountability.

Number two...
Economic stimulus checks. Band aid on a sucking chest wound. Use it to pay down bills and it does no good. Use it to pay off credit cards and it does no good. Save it and it does no good. The only way this will work is if you spend it. It will probably be on gas but that is another issue.

Here is my problem. The money used for this stimulus program comes from our taxes. There are man hours involved in collecting every dollar of taxes. Now they add man hours by giving that money back, which will be taxed by a different entity when it is spent. Business men they are not.

The cost of collecting that money (y) initially is x. The cost of giving that money back (y) is x so we are at 2x. The cost of collecting that tax money (y*tax% = z) after it is spent is x, which equals 3x overall. If the tax on respending that money is 8.1% then the following theory would hold true.

3x = z

Now if they would have just let us have the money in the first place, the equation would look more like this:


In other words, I give you this choice. You can pay me 5 dollars for this hamburger or you can pay me 15 dollars for the same hamburger. I believe there is a segment on one of the news shows "The Fleecing of America". This is the text version. Here is the real messed up part....both x and z are your money.

Where to next...

The Constitution, or should I say the raping of said document. Did you know that this country does not consider all men equal? By "men" I mean every man, woman, child with no regards to race, or color, or religion. Just the fact that I have to say that says a lot about our country.

Back to the topic at hand. Child support can be ordered on any person (usually a man) on the word of person. No perponderance of evidence, no beyond a reasonable doubt. Nothing but a word and a judge's signature. A man's life can be literally ruined by a vindictive ex. That is not the issue at hand so much as the means to order that support. If you owe, you should pay. How you are made to pay is the issue. Federal and state agencies have the authority to impose liens, offsets to monies owed, and restrict the livelihood of an NCP all without definitive proof. NCP (almost exclusively the father NCPs) are being denied the ability to earn a living, driving, travel, etc by the government without due process.

Some of the penalties for past due child support are revoking of professional licenses. If they can't work, how can they pay. Imprisonment...again, no worky, no money. Revoked drivers licence...see above. Liens on property...unconstitutional to deny someone the right to own property. Ineligible for passports...sometimes you have to travel for your job but who cares what you need.

Makes me sick that a bunch of disgruntled women were allowed to influence law makers this much. Here's a novel idea...get a friggin education and get a good job. Make your own way and have the support as extra in your life. Don't punish the men of this country because they ended up not being your idea of Prince Charming. Here's a novel idea....Keep your legs closed!!!!!!

Now let's bring these two areas of rant into one. Here is the wisdom of the government when it comes to child support.

In 2005, the federal office of child support enforcement was told that 40% its budget was going to be cut over the next 10 years. $16 billion was going to be pulled from its budget. The justification to keep that $16 billion (40% of their budget) was so that they could continue to collect $22 billion owed in child support (

WWWWWHAT???? You read it right. The government (federal, this doesn't include state governments) uses $36 billion dollars of your tax money to collect $22 billion in owed child support. Piss poor business sense right there. It is a $14 billion loss right off the bat. If the government picked up the tab for all that child support, they would still be able to give every family in this country a $120 "stimulus" check every year on their current budget. NCP's could have a life, CP would have their money, and the citizens of this country would have money in their pocket. Instead the government will continue this fleecing by adding additional fees to NCPs, of which some were not given due process. These additional fees drive the NCP further into debacle that is government intervention. They will never get out. They fund a service they do not use. The custodial parents should be charged this fee since they are the ones getting the benefit of the service.

Better yet, privatize the entire child support collection service. Imagine no tax liability to the citizens of this country at all...child support would be a civil issue. The economy would be stimulated by all the money moving around. A proactive pursuit of the non paying parents would be more effective by a company that makes its money from doing its job. There would not be any UDF...undistributed funds that just sit in the government doing nothing ( The states that are not worried about the interest of the child...they are worried about losing the interest off the half a billion dollars in UDF.

The government says that for every federal dollar spent it collects four private dollars. This figure does not include the total budget of that office. I have proven that this is nothing more than punishment for a highly male populace initiated by a highly female group. Wait a group targeting another...wouldn't that make the child support enforcement tactics a hate crime? That coupled with the fraud our government pulls with our tax monies makes it open to a RICO charge. But I digress. The only thing the government is proficient at doing is screwing up.

Now I am getting off topic so I think this is a good place to end.

We are no longer citizens of this country, we do not have freedom because we work four months out of the year to pay for this abomination of a government. Remember, theirs is always the first, you get what's left. Just because they let you have a little doesn't mean it is not slavery.

Keep this thought until next time: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus