Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anyone know where I can find a dead horse?

I believe I need oral surgery. I bit my tongue as I listened to the same old argument for gun control. Normally I do not bite my tongue but this was the owner of the company and I was not part of the conversation. The usual arguments were present: there is no need for semi-automatic weapons, no control promotes criminal behavior, blah, blah, blah. You heard them all before.

More band-aids on sucking chest wounds. Out of all the violent crimes committed in America, what is the only common factor. It is the criminal. Need some perspective? Did violent crime start with the invention of the firearm? No it did not. So logic would dictate that firearms cannot be a contributing factor to violent crimes. They are but a tool. Just as a knife is, just as a bomb is, just as a BFR is. Marines will remember this term from boot camp (it is a "big f&#*ing rock).

Gun control believers actually believe that taking the gun away from the criminal makes it less likely that a criminal will act maliciously. The fact is that the criminal is still part of the equation and will just find another tool. The only way to reduce crime is to remove the criminal from the equation. I am not saying more jails.

Jails are just criminal farms. The inmates in jail just learn how to be better criminals. I am saying that we need to never even let the criminal manifest itself. Oh wait, that would mean that the American citizen would have some sort of duty to raise the future generations to respect the culture of society. Given the fact that we are a selfish, lazy, greed driven society, we are screwed. Our society does not do well with responsibility.

Since the gun control sect wants to use unfounded arguments, let me throw a few out there myself.

An armed society is a polite society. Let's reduce this to a smaller scale. Put a criminal who for all intents and purposes is going to commit a crime against another human being into a room with two doors. Behind one door is a gun hating individual who feels it is the job of the police to protect him/her. Behind the other is a trained gun owner in possession of his/her firearm and willing to use it. Which door does the criminal choose?

A twist to that scenario...same doors but you don't tell the criminal which person is behind which door. Behind one door the criminal will get away with a dvd player, a beloved iPod, and a debit card. Behind the other he/she will be shot mid to upper thorax and survive to live a life of near quadraplegia, pain, and suffering; having to crap and pee in a bag for the rest of his/her life. What does the criminal do? ******** Right now, the criminal takes a chance because the latter outcome is not realistic in his/her experience. In an armed society where the latter outcome is the norm for criminals and the criminals know this, the decision would be quite different.

Guns are only a tool. Take it away and another tool will be used; whether that tool is a knife, stick, bomb, fist, or BFR is moot. The criminal will target those percevied to be weaker than themselves. Having any tool gives the criminal more targets to choose from. The only way to curb the violent crimes committed is to remove the common element....the human element...the criminal element.

Be good to one another (because I am behind one of those doors),
Rev. Biggus

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