Friday, October 10, 2008

This is so exciting

What a wild ride we are on. I am a people watcher by nature. I like to think that I am somewhat of an expert in the matter. I have been reading a lot of what people are writing about the financial crisis and I am seeing a trend.

People do not know anything about economics. Some know a little bit but most are totally oblivious. My big issue is that people argue economics as if that subject is absolute. This is a case of utter ignorance. Our current economic policy was not contrived by studying the subject of economics. The subject of economics came to be from the lessons learned throughout the centuries from various decisions on money.

I see and hear many comments out there in the world that we have to save the current system because the subject of economics says so. The fact is that the subject of economics tells us how to get along in the current system. The current system doesn't work so maybe we should change systems.

Many opposing views state that other systems cannot work even though this so called analysis is being done using the knowledge of the current subject of economics. Huge fallacy. Of course another system cannot work when the current rules are applied to it. These rules came to be from the experiences of the current economy. A new system would have to develop a new subject of economics.

Call it a cart before the horse or a chicken before the egg, or whatever you wish. We are blind because this is all we know. I always hate when this next phrase is used but now is the perfect time...we have to think outside the box.

Be good to one another, because pretty soon that is all we are going to have,
Rev. Biggus

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