Monday, June 23, 2008

That was quick

I think my experiment is over. That was fast. After two days my posts and the ones around me, like the stripper one are no longer receiving views. Instant gratification?

The results were interesting. I received two negative responses, two positive responses, and one that just stated "interesting". In the course of these posts, I was called pretentious and self indulgent. As a matter of point, both negative comments resorted to name calling in their replies; the first lines in the negative replies contained the insult. I found that interesting.

The positive replies provided no argument or basis for their beliefs so it is hard to guage them. The negative responses were totally different. One did not even address the point of the post and the other provided flawed logic and fallacy for the argument. Interesting.

The level of interaction on the post involving drugs received the least amount of activity and posts (one shallow post posing no argument for or against the subject). The gun control and political post both garnered one positive and one negative post. This pattern of responses totally blew my hypothesis out of the water.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

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