Friday, May 23, 2008

You do not have the right to redress

The face of the Reverend has been spat upon by the state once again.

The following is a copy of the email I sent to the Attorney General of the state of AZ.:

Mr, Goddard, What is being done about this? I am referring to the comment made in the fourth paragraph of the article in the link I supplied. The state "absorbed" $11 million+ of monies that were supposed to be given to children for support purposes into the General Fund? Undistributed Funds are not the property of the state to be used at their leisure. That money belongs to the child by way of the Custodial Parent. If that money is not disbursed to the Custodial Parent then it should be returned to the rightful owner, the Non-custodial Parent. I would like to know how the state believes that it is entitled to that money and what the state does once the situation that made the funds "undistributable" is rectified.

This is outright theft. Not to mention it defrauds the tax payers. I would like to file a formal complaint as a tax payer and have charges filed on the offices involved. This administration has been stealing money from Non-custodial Parents...the same parents that are deemed criminals in the state's opinion the second they miss a payment. I call BS and want something done about it as I am sure that the statute of limitations has not run out after only two years.

A response is not optional. Please "reply to all" so that the media personnel that I have CC'd this to can see your response. The typical response, "for the best interest of the children" will not work this time, so don't even try it. Remember that you work for the people of this great state. Make this right.

I also sent this to the local TV stations. I have yet to hear anything.

The main argument in child support is anything in the best interest of the children. This argument is so powerful that it allows states to falsely accuse men of paternity and take their money even though there is no biological link proven by DNA tests. The same argument that the states cling to validate their witch hunts is the same argument that is being trampled by those states.

The states show that the child does not matter. All that matters is the money that states receive. The act of absorbing undistributed funds shows that the child doesn't matter, nor do the parents or family unit. The only thing that matters to this government is the money it can steal from its citizens.

Every NCP or CP with arrears should band together to file a class action lawsuit against this fraud perpatrated by our states.

Be good to one another (that means you too government),
Rev. Biggus

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