Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Does anyone else see past the end of their nose? The market rebounded big yesterday. The biggest one day gain ever. Was this the effect of the government bailout? Hell no it wasn't. This was the market running its course without government aid or manipulation. The rise yesterday is being proclaimed a "dead cat bounce" by those who speculate in the market.

This morning, Bush and Paulson made their speeches. The market opened up and has been dropping ever since. I am sure that the government is taking credit for the huge gain yesterday even though their plan had not yet been put into action, and that they will use the current plunge after their speeches for justification for their involvement. It is the Golden Rule..."He who has the Gold makes the rules."

One flaw with that. The government doesn't have any Gold. The government doesn't have any money. They only have the potential for money through taxation of its people. This is where we failed. We gave it up to them, the ability to rule using our money for enforcement.

The saying "Only two sure things, death and taxes", irks the hell out of me. When did we become such defeated people? In this country, the only sure things should be "life and liberty".

Be good to one another,
Rev Biggus

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