Thursday, May 22, 2008

Undistributed Funds are outright theft

I cannot believe that we stand by and let our government rape us like this. Outright theft is happening under the guise of "what's best for the children".

The title of this post is a link. Look for the article on KTAR reporting on undistributed funds. If it is not working, here is the website:

Let me explain what is going on. Of all the undistributed funds in the state of Arizona (this is occuring in other states too) a portion is being "absorbed" into the states general fund. Do you understand what this means. The state is taking funds paid by non-custodial parents, withholding it from the deserving child, then taking that money and spending it on what ever they wish. This is theft.

Let me elaborate. This only affects those cases that are in arrears. If the custodial parents are receiving their funds, there is no undistributed funds for that child so all the undistributed funds have to be accounted for somewhere as general accounting practices apply. The only place this money can balance is the money from arrears. The state says they do not know where this money comes from or where it is supposed to go so it sits. Now I am not saying that every NCP is paying and it is just not being applied. There are NCP that cannot afford to pay.

The law states that the benefit of the doubt goes to the accused. In this case the accused is the NCP in arrears. If the CSE cannot determine where the money comes from or where it should go then the money should be applied evenly. It all comes back to arrears since the primary goal is "for the good of the children". The monies should be accumulated and divided evenly by the number of arrears cases there are. This is the equal share which should be disbursed following a whichever is less principle. The custodial parent should receive funds on behalf of the child equal to their fair share or the total amount of the arrears, whichever is less. The excess per case would then be distributed evenly among the remaining arrears cases. The funds disbursed from this program would then be subtracted from the arrears on each case.

"In the best interest of the children". Bullshit! In the best interest of the government entity is more like it. Over $600 million in undistributed funds sit in coffers annually. The government absorbing part if not all of that into their general funds for use on any issue they see fit. The part that they do not "absorb" still continues to collect interest as the financial gurus in the government know that stagnant money is useless. The states of this country are triple dipping at the expense of the non-custodial parents. The laws are ruining the lives of NCPs all over while the government reaps a benefit.

How do they triple dip? They receive money from the NCP which gains interest during the "processing" period plus their percentage (normally around 2%). They "absorb" undistributed funds for their own use. They also receive money from the federal government. Yessiree. For ever dollar that the state spends on child support enforcement, they receive two dollars from the federal government. In financial terms, child support enforcement is guaranteed 100% return annually. All this and the state of Arizona is still broke. How many of your states have to cut budgets even though they are receiving all this pork?

Talk about a fleecing of America. People are being imprisoned for the states piss poor performance.

Be anti-government by being good to one another.
Rev. Biggus

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