Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally heard back

It came yesterday. The reply from the Attorney General. It was nothing short of what I expected. Here is the response.

Dear Mr. XXXXXX:
Thank you for your recent email regarding your concerns about comments made on an Internet blog. The Attorney General's Office is not in a position to respond to comments related to an Auditor General's report written about the Department of Economic Security.
If you have questions about the report or you want to read the report in it's entirety - you can access it on the Auditor General's Web site at
http://www.auditorgen.state.az.us/. It is posted under reports of state agencies and it was released in November 2007.
If you have questions about Arizona law, we regret that we are unable to help you. The Attorney General's Office represents the state of Arizona and cannot act as a private attorney for individual citizens. This means that we cannot provide legal advice, opinions, or interpret Arizona law for individuals.
The Arizona Bar Association (866.482.9227 or
www.azbar.org) or Community Legal Services (602.258.3434) can assist you in finding an attorney, if you do not already have one.
Thank you again for contacting the Attorney General's Office.

Office of Constituent ServicesArizona Attorney General's Office
To stay ahead of the rapidly changing consumer scams and schemes, please visit our Web site at www.azag.gov, where you can sign up for late-breaking Scam Alerts from Attorney General Goddard.

So, the answer is "we will do nothing for you." They did not even provide me with the resource to follow up with the appropriate department. My formal complaint was discarded. But what is this? The FAQ from the AG's website (http://www.azag.gov/faq.html):

Where can I file a complaint against a public official I believe is guilty of misconduct?

For a referral to the proper agency, please contant The Attorney General's Office at:
602.542.5025 (Phoenix) 520.628.6504 (Tucson)800.352.8431 (toll free)

I believe that I just did that, didn't I? I can hire a lawyer at my expense for a fraud committed by government officials on the citizens of the state to whose Constitution they all swore to uphold. Does this make sense to you? It does not to me.

Here is what I need to do. I need to hire one of those lawyers that works on a percentage of settlement. This will have to be a class action suit and will have to be for the past 20 years or so. What lawyer would not want 33% of $200mil+?

Wait a minute...they passed a law on our behalf I am sure that makes this fleecing legal. I bet they even used the justification "in the best interest of the children".

Screw this! I don't even have the patience to be witty and develop the associations through multiple layers. Here is the issue:

Just because a congress passes a law does not mean the law is just. The supremacy clause still exists although it is disregarded by our current administrations in every level of government. Pull your heads out of your asses and get involved in your government. Don't just vote, become educated about the issues. We are screwing ourselves by letting our government do what they are doing on a daily basis. This goes beyond child support and extends into every issue the government deals with.

Our country's voted in representation are a bunch of professional politicians that have been groomed to take that position their whole life. They do not know what it is like to be us, the layman. Hillary, Barak and John state that "when" elected they will stay true to and make decisions based on what is best for the party. What about making decisions that are in the best interest of the people???? No matter how humble a beginning they had, their learnings changed them. It is a good ole boys club that perpetuates itself on the known stupidity and laziness of its constituents. They garner your vote by telling you what you want to hear...you are smart, you can make a difference, you are in danger so let us save you....BULLSHIT!!!! Here is what they mean....You are a sheep. Behave or else.

Only we can fix this but no one man can do it alone by "legal means". Fix this with your vote. Educate yourselves and make a difference. We live as slaves to fat cats who see themselves as above the law. Being represented means having one of your own work for you, not giving the position to a professional with the biggest warchest.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

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