Friday, October 3, 2008

Why can't people get it?

The perceptions of the people have been bought and paid for with things. People actually accept the way things are as the way things have to be.

The economic crisis was avoidable. The current state of our country was avoidable. The loss of our liberty was avoidable. Our enslavement was avoidable. We gave it all up voluntarily.

Why couldn't the people of the "greatest country on the planet" see what was happening? I don't know. Were they blinded by all the stuff they got? Something had to be the problem. Mathematically the monetary system cannot work yet it was allowed to grow to an unmanageable level based on faith in a the dollar. The calculations prove that it cannot work yet we allowed it to happen. The illusion of worth is more important than actual value.

Our government is showing its loyalties with the new rescue plan. 700 billion dollars, a figure not based on any quatifiable data, is being supplemented with 150 billion for pet projects in order for it to gain support in the legislative branch. "For the good of America" is is for the good of the status quo. The status quo is bad so why would we want to keep everything the same?

The only outcome for our economy is disaster as we are basing our economy on credit, or more accurately, nothing real. We are doomed.

Be good to one another,
Rev Biggus

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