Friday, May 23, 2008

A coffee epiphany

I was sitting on the patio this morning with a cup of coffee when it hit me. I was asking myself why are we in this situation. The answer popped into my head as I dreamed of a better time when a person's rights mattered and the law was not just a willy nilly thing used to gain.

Here is my epiphany. The people of this country cannot handle freedom. There are not enough individuals in this country to make a truly free land feasible. The people of this land are followers incapable of individual thought. They do what the government tells them, they do what MTV tells them, they do whatever the newest reality show tells them.

I think worse than the lack of independant thought is the selfishness that abounds. A truly free nation requires common sense and respect to work. This country has none of this. We are doomed. Until the people of this country value this country as a whole more than their iPods and accept the sacrifices that come with it, we are screwed.

This epiphany saddens me deeply. Moreso than the loss of my nephew last year. That is saying a lot. We are doomed as a society.

We brought this upon ourselves. We treated corporate entities as individuals by giving them the same rights. The bill of rights was meant for the individual. A corporation does not have the right to free speech or the right against self incrimination. Corporations have a duty to conduct themselves in ethical and socially acceptable ways. These corporations driven by greed bastardized the law by setting precedence based on those individual rights.

The way the law works is that established fact will not be tried again which is why precedence is so important. We screwed that pooch.

It saddens me deeply,
Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

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