Friday, February 8, 2008

Stand by for more of the same

What is wrong with this country? There is a perfect opportunity to change things coming up this year and it is being squandered.

Here is what can be expected after the general election no matter which party is elected to office...

There will be dramatic talk about how we need to change.
There will be no action taken to create the aforementioned change.
There will be a tax payer funded bail out of the mortgage fiasco.
Social security will be raided every year.
Every bill voted on will consist of more pork than content.
Money will be printed by the mega-ton daily.
Illegal immigrants will continue to invade this country.
We will continue to be vulnerable against terrorism despite our dwindling rights.

Mark these words and check back in four years. I pray that I will be sadly mistaken and be required to eat a ton of crow.

The point that I am worried about the most is the mortgage bailout. Think about what we are doing with this. The companies that made all these loans are going to be given money by our government which comes from our tax dollars. This is being labeled as necessary to save our economy. Let me rephrase that into a more truthful statement...the bail out is necessary in order to maintain the status quo. What does this mean? It means the rich will still be rich and the working class will still be shit upon.

Oh if I could be a mortgage company...I would be living the dream. When you pay your loan like a responsible citizen, I take your money. When you default on your loan, I take your stuff, sell it and get my money. When I over extend myself and make poor, unsound business decisions, I take your stuff in the form of taxes and get my money. It is a win win win situation for me. There is no risk.

The only people who are losing are our citizens because we are allowing businesses to do this. We saw the same thing with the airlines, the auto manufacturers, the health care industry, etc. Hell, we see it with other countries and the world bank/IMF. How long are we going to continue to put band aids on sucking chest wounds?

The pending tax relief that everyone is looking forward to is just another band aid. But it is $1200 you say? It is the intention of the government that you do not save that money nor pay off existing bills. The only way this tax break will stimulate the economy is if you use it to buy more stuff you probably don't need. The government knows that this will happen because we as a society have become undisciplined money whores. We will all be in the same boat as before and when the next market that has its bottom fall out threatening to ruin our economy the cycle will start again.

Think of a stair case. You are on the top move forward and fall to the next step. The fall is mayhem until you hit the next step and stop. The next step is another cycle of mayhem and a quick stop. No matter how many times you go through this cycle, you continue in the same direction.....Down. Eventually you have to reach the bottom.

The population of this country will do just as it is told and on top of that, thank the government for its handout.

Please, be good to one another.
Rev. Biggus