Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Secondhand conversation

I had an interesting conversation with a professional speaker, who speaks on the topic of drunk driving and how it affected his life. This speaker, whose name is Jim, was at an engagement where he was in the company of many other individuals whose lives were impacted by various vices. One woman had a son who was a drug addict; she was sure that her situation was the worst of the other speakers.

Background shows that Jim's son was killed by a drunk driver. This woman's son was alive but addicted to drugs. The woman made it known that her situation was the most horrible in her perception because she had no idea what to expect day to day. Jim told her that tomorrow his son would still be dead and therefore knowing what was to come was not any easier. This did nothing to sway the woman from believing that her life was still more horrible.

Jim told me that this woman was very rich which gave me an idea of what she meant by her comment. My interpretation was that this woman was thinking solely about how her son's actions negatively affected her life. There was no concern for her son, only how she was going to get along during this time of "crisis". Talk about a sense of entitlement.

The final justification posed by the woman solidified my initial theory. She had the gall to tell Jim, "You have no idea how we think!" Meaning the rich. I beg to differ. I know exactly how she thought. "I am rich and I shouldn't have to deal with this!".

This woman's true concern was how her son's actions were going to impact her financial well being. The true horror was thinking about how her son was going to cost her money whether it be through a lawsuit, an embarassment, or a killing blow to HER social status. Jesus!, her kid is still alive at least. She has the means to fix the situation but all she is concerned with is how her son is going to screw up the worlds perception of her.

This type of selfish thought is one more element of the downfall of our society. ME, ME, ME!!! I must get and keep mine by any means necessary and all other be damned! This is a sorry state in which to live. This woman disgust me.

I can imagine the conversation between this woman and her husband if her son dies in a manner that doesn't hurt their financial situation: to the public, "Oh pity me, I have lost my loving son"; to her husband, "Whew, we dodge another bullet. Thank god that worthless kid didn't embarass us."

I say, "TOO LATE". Your son has embarassed you already by showing the world your true colors. I may be a pauper in comparison, but at least I have my dignity.

Be good to one another,

Rev. Biggus

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