Monday, May 21, 2007

So Many Things

There are so many things in this world that don't make sense to me. How I can be called a racist when someone steals from me; how free* doesn't mean free; how the Dixie Chicks can be such blatant hypocrites. We had a time when things made sense. Where did that go? How did we become a litigious society absent of all accountability.

I had a garage sale a while back. I wasn't asking much for my stuff, heck what didn't sell was going to be given to the thrift shops. Like many garage sales in the west valley, many of the patrons were mexican. I met a lot of nice people that day. I got to help a single dad get his daughter a computer to do her homework during her visitation with him on the weekend. The computer companies were not giving him this chance. I witnessed the best and the worst in people that day. I figured I would thank the mexican family I watched steal my property in a public open forum, sarcastically as it may have been. What kind of responses did I get? That I am a racist because I hate mexicans. ???? What the hell is that all about. Nowhere in my message did I say that all mexicans were thieves, yet I may as well have donned a pointy white hat.

I confirmed a theory that I had that people only perceive what they want. Are people so desperate to find an excuse for wrong in our world or is this the conditioning that plagues us as a society? Everything always ends up us against them. What happened to living in harmony? If I would have pushed the issue would I have been arrested for a hate crime because I wanted justice from a thief (notice no mention of a race involved)? It doesn't make sense to me.

I can't count the number of items I gave away free at my garage sale and most likely I would have given the items away if asked with respect. I mean truly free. Not car dealer free or email offer free or even lawyer defined free. Free* should be illegal. $100 dollars free* money deposited into your checking account for free* as long as you deposit enough money and don't touch it for a year in order for the bank to recoup many times over the cost of that $100.

My economics teacher taught me TNSTAAFL. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Companies do not give you things unless it is in their best interest. Test it time something is advertised for free, try to get it by doing nothing but walking in and taking it. If it were truly free, there would be no problem. You always have to give something, whether it be a three hour seminar on the resort that promised you a free* get away or the multiple offers you must participate in to get that free* XBox that every email scammer wants to give you.

The Reverend's lesson...Nothing is free. You must work for everything you get. Whether it is purchasing the winning lottery ticket or selling your body for that next rock, you will pay something.

Most of us are good people that have lost their way but there are some out there that are just plain idiots. I worked with a guy who couldn't go a pay period without overdrawing his checking account, yet he couldn't wait until he got his 22in rims on his truck. His justification was that gas mileage and handling were better. Even though he knew that his reason was truly vanity, he would put up the facade. Was he embarrassed by his vanity? I think he was. I called this kid an idiot on many occassions and the closer we got to payday, the more attention he paid.

The Dixie Chicks are another type of idiot. Old news, I know but it is a wonderful extreme of idiocy. Natalie claimed that Toby Keith was bad for America because he wanted to put a boot in the ass of those who provoked us. Must be that whole "it takes a village to raise a child" crap. So Toby is bad for the country because a desire to pull a Red Foreman, but Natalie thinks she is a role model even though she brags about killing Earl. Disclaimer: I know that neither individual actually did these acts. I was bringing their songs into the real world to make a point. I have no doubt that even with this disclaimer, some of you will think to the the 3rd paragraph again.

It all makes no sense to me. How can people walk this earth with blinders on? My world is so much better than what I see out all should come over and enjoy it. The rules are good to one another (aka: KYFHO). Simple, eh? See you here.

Be good to one another,

Rev. Biggus

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