Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Reverend Mourns

I received word this day that my nephew George Cortez of the Phoenix PD was shot and killed last night by a person or persons trying to cash a forged check. I mourn this day.

George grew up in a broken home until he and my sister were taken in by my parents. My dad was the father figure to George during those tough impressionable years. George turned out great. He had his issues but was a person that lived by KYFHO.

Friday July 27th, dregs of the society took his life. My nephew, a son, a father, and a husband was killed because three people (hearsay) did not want to work for a living. What a shame.

I am all cried out for this day but I am sure there will be more bad days ahead.

I remember taking George on his first road trip while we both mourned the loss of my father/his grandfather. I even let George drive even though he didn't have his license. As we drove down I-8 on the way to Yuma, I watched George's eyes get heavy and close, knowing that he would drift slightly to the "wake up" bumps that run along that road. I laughed at the look on his face when he hit them. When I asked if he fell asleep, of course he said "NO!!!"

I was proud of George for the way he handled himself through the death of his father figure. I was proud of him the day he graduated High School. I was proud of him the day graduated from the police academy. I am proud of him that he died a warriors death, in battle with the enemy of our society. He was trying to make a difference.

The day George graduated the police academy, my wife and I emptied our bank account to buy him the best ballistic vest on the market at that time. We felt it well worth the cost of eating Ramen for dinner more than a couple times a week.

Today I mourn.

Be good to one another,

Rev. Biggus

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